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We have spent decades developing the features that you need to scan the market for the indicators that matter to you. See below how we have done this.


Exclusive Features


Scan for indicators, patterns, candlesticks, activity, Darvas Box and fundamentals.


The world’s first and premier Darvas Box scanner.

Easy to use

Engineered to be a user-friendly with built-in training mode to help you perform successful market scans in seconds.


Access weekly updates & tips, exclusive trading forum, TA video tutorials and more

Data Supply

Scan various markets with just a few clicks including NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, INDICES, ASX and SGX

Data Updated

Performs end of the day ASX Reports fully automated. ASX data includes hourly intra-day snapshot updates.


Australian based expert live support that exceed any expectations.

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Powerfully Clever

Darvas Box Scanning

within seconds

Darvas combined a trading plan, strict money management rules and only bought his shares when prices broke out of the box.

For the full story on how to trade using the Darvas Box method, download our FREE Darvas Box Trading guide

Find stocks within seconds
with our Scanning Tools

We have spent decades developing a tool which allows you to filter using your favourite indicators. You can scan from fundamentals, Indicators, Activity, Chart Patterns, and everything that we have provided in your very own “Guru’s Toolbox” which are indicators that we have specifically developed for Pro Trader users. This tool allows you to use multiple combinations of filters to ensure you get the most accurate results that will be loaded up into your very own watch list to continue doing research. 

What is in the

Guru’s Toolbox

Our Gurus Toolbox has been developed by experienced traders from indicators and filters that have been used by traders to find stocks that may present an investment opportunity. Join today to experience the power of the Guru’s Toolbox.

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