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ProTrader® software was developed by professional traders to allow users to find hot stocks in seconds.
Scott - ProTrader® user from Queensland​
Scott - ProTrader® user from Queensland​
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“ProTrader is now the foundation of my trading.”​


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With our innovative software, you can scan for all of your favourite indicators in and return a watch list that matches your trading rules.

We have developed our software for traders, by traders. Simple to use yet extremely powerful. With ProTrader®, you have the ability to choose which indicators you want to scan the market for, and with a click of a button scan the entire market for your specific indicators. This will save you hours and hours of going through every stock on the market with your indicators – Let us do the heavy lifting for you. With a beautiful chart which is fully customisable, drawing tools and fundamental stock data at your fingertips, Pro Trader will be the only stock market tool that you will need. Whether you are a swing trader, looking for long term holds or looking for beautiful charting software, Pro Trader is the software for you. 




The Edge

ProTrader® provides traders with an opportunity to scan the entire market for your custom indicator combination in seconds, returning you a watch list to then do further investigating cutting out hours of research.


Exclusive Features

Easy to use

Pro Trader is built for experienced traders with the idea that a beginner can jump right in and start using the software. Pro Trader allows you to filter through specific indicator and fundamental filters in a "one-screen"


Get the edge with our exclusive Pro Trader academy. We release information on how to use our software, how to set up scans to assist in scanning the market and how to get the most out of your subscription

Data Supply

We have the cleanest and some of the most comprehensive data on the internet when it comes to supplying you with accurate market data. You can rest assured that the chart you are using, is accurate and up to date.


Pro Trader gives you the ability to scan for drawing tool indicators and chart patterns while drawing them on the chart for you for further investigation. This is extremely powerful for swing traders.

Data Updated

Our data is automatically updated straight to our software so you can rest assured knowing that the chart you are looking at is accurate.


We care about our customers, and we are here to walk you through how to use the software, so that you can harness the power of Pro Trader. Reach out any time and there will be a specialist to help you through.

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