Incidental Charting #1

The ability to find stocks that are rising is one of the key features of ProTrader Web – our share market charting software and in order to help you to utilise the software to its full potential, we are introducing a blog series called “Incidental Charting”. In these posts, we will utilise various scans over […]

High dividend stocks for SMSF’s

Finding high dividend paying stocks for your SMSF can mean stable income with franking credits if the company provides them. The difficulty can be finding companies that will continue to pay the dividends and maintain their capital value at the same time. Dividends are usually announced with half yearly reports; this means determining probable future […]

The 5-Phase Trade in Action

Every trader wants to make a quick buck, but very few traders have a well defined strategy to identify stocks that are likely to increase in the short term. A charting software is essential to help a trader identify potential targets which is then followed up with a trading strategy to help manage risk. The […]

21 Day Breakout

One of the most important features of a charting software is the ability to find stocks that are in an upwards trend. ProTrader Web has a very easy scan to find stocks that are rising in price. An easy way to find rising stocks is: Go to Scans Select Scan for Patterns & Events Tick […]

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